Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting our Support Team, please review some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S) that we have compiled for our players. Most of the common issues have been addressed, so you will probably find a satisfactory answer.

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How to Deposit to Your Craps Casino Account.
How to Cash Out Your Craps Casino Account.
Hardware, Software & Technical Questions.
What Do I Have to Do In Order to Play Craps Casino?
How Long Does the Download Process Take?
What are the System Requirements for My PC?
Does Craps Casinoís Software Support Web TV, Macs or Windows 3.XX?
Why is My Monitor Fuzzy and the Color Unclear?
Why Canít I Find the "Craps Casino.exe" Icon on My Desktop?
Why Canít I Connect to Craps Casino?
Explanations of Error Messages.
How to Play at a Group Table.
How to Chat with Other Players.
General Game Playing Rules.
How to Play Blackjack.
How to Play Roulette.
How to Play Baccarat.
How to Play Craps.
How to Play Video Poker.
How to Play Slot Machines.
How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker.
How to Play Pai Gow Poker.
How to Play Keno.

Contacting Our Support Team

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