Fair Gaming

One of the main concerns for on-line gaming operations is to assure the fairness of the games. We at Craps Casino understand that it is important to explain to our customers how we do this: 

The Craps Casino "dealer" is actually a computer. To ensure that the performance of this computer is truly random, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is utilized. Craps Casino uses the trusted MD5 RNG, which has proved to provide absolute random results. This system has been rigorously tested, by running millions of rounds and examining their results. Craps Casino also conducts periodic testing to ensure the integrity of the system. 

Craps Casino provides an on-line log of game results. Your recent rounds may be reviewed at any time, on-line, without the need to request a log. The information includes the amount wagered, the game results and all deposit and cashout history.

Craps Casino has retained the services of a leading international accounting firm in order to review the payout percentage. The review is conducted on a monthly basis, and includes the payout percentage of each Craps Casino game, as well as the total average payout percentage of Craps Casino .

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