I have been pleased with your customer support -- one of the most reliable in the business.


I am quite impressed with the service you offer at present.
Thank you


Dear June,
The cruise was fantastic--truly 1st rate. I want to thank you and the Craps Casino staff for offering that trip. My wife and I had just a wonderful time. The ship was superb in all details: food, room, staff, activities… Anyway hopefully we'll get the pictures back soon. It was a great trip thanks to Craps Casino.

PS.....The casino on board has nothing on you guys. Their staff was the only weak link on the trip.

Justin, I just want you to know that your support team is the best there is. I want you to give Tom, Sonya, Mark, Carlos, all raises if they are not already rich, from this job. OK lol. The truth is they are the best and your casino is too. I did explore other casinos and they do not compare to yours. When you have people responding personally like you do it makes all the difference in the world. Me and the people that play at your casino really all agree.
Thank you,


Thank you for that information. I have to say I have never experienced such good customer service from any online organization. You guys really have it together!!! Thanks again,


You do a great job and I have never had trouble getting an answer from you in a short time. Keep up the good work.


I've never enjoyed my computer as much as I have since joining Craps Casino. Both Craps Casino and their staff are helpful and a lot of fun. The only problem I can find is that the cocktail waitress is a little slow...thanks for a great time, and I will tell others about you....


Since I have been visiting your casino the communication chain is very impressive. I have nothing but praise for the MANY CSR's who have conversed with me. The only thing I ask is keep up the good work. I am really new to this on-line stuff but I will say that you are the most courteous people I have experienced so far and a lot of this has to do with punctuality. Keep up the good work. After I win the million dollars some of you can work with me. Well Done!


Thanks for the information. You people are the best. Every question gets answered. The games are fun....and fair. I always feel like I have a good chance to win, as well as lose, and I often win, which makes it even more fun. Thanks for doing such a good job. I feel as though I always get my moneys worth, win or lose.


You are the best girl in the world! Your site is absolutely the best on the Internet due entirely to people like you.

Thank you so very much,


I don't know if you or any other players are interested but, I have played MANY different online casinos. The Craps Casino is far and above the best of the best. It is the closest anyone can come to playing in a real casino. Bravo to you and the whole staff! Keep up the good work!!


I just wanted to place a kind note to your employees at your Customer Support Center. I'm in the retail industry. I'm a Sales Manager of a multi-franchise dealership organization and fully understand the importance of customer service. I have nothing but the best service with your department as well as your company. But I am truly impressed with your customer support. Thank you for your time. I will always be a valued customer with your company. (I hope to hit your MVP status at 150000 points soon :-)

Thank you.


Hi...I have to tell you Casino-on -Net is the best place I've played… win or lose. I think you're the first on-line Casino that really lives up to its advertising and gives fair odds. I have played at many others...but you're the best. Your Customer Service is exemplary. Thanks......


I find your company very professional. I have recommended you to my close friends. Your service is 2nd to none! Put a feather in your cap guys/gals! Don’t change! If you need to change consult me first. Australia can learn a lot from you, people!
Kind regards & best wishes


Just a quick note to say "Thanks" for the bonuses that you have added to my account from time to time. I just wanted you to know that they have not been unappreciated or gone unnoticed. You do a great job with your casino program, and just like going to a casino, you can be a winner or a loser at any time. Since I enjoy the game of blackjack, and sometimes have little $$$ to spend compared to some of the players, the bonuses make it a possibility for me to play a little longer at times and is like a reward.
Thanks again


I just wanted to say "thanks". I think you deserve to be casino of the year. You showed me that you do care about your members.


Thank you again for the great customer service and quick responses to any and all problems and questions... I love playing on your site...never had more fun, and don't even have to leave the house.


I'll tell you what I think in 2 words... GENEROSITY IS GENIUS. I can't believe how much cash you have given me. Do I appreciate it? You're darn right I do!!! I have learned that if you can't laugh when you lose you got no business playing. To all you guys at Craps Casino -- Thanks for the fun. Keep up the good work.
Peace and Love

Thank you for your prompt response and service. You are doing a great job treating the VIP customers with great warmth and attention.


Dear Staff, Thank You so much for your extra care with my problem. You’re the best! Your service has been excellent thus far. Again thank you for your expert service!


We really want to thank you for the bonus money you gave us to play. My husband has been really sick for the last month and we could not afford to play as we usually do because of medical bills. So, I really missed gambling at your casino, as it is my favorite place. Again, thank you very much…

The S. Family

Dear Sir,


Thank you for your timely response to my e-mail. It seems again that I didn't quite understand the process that a cash out goes through...Ruth Kitts, Transactions Dept. at Craps Casino, has educated me and there is no longer a concern.... Thank you again for the service, it's good to know you are there....


Thank you for your sweet message, I will always be a Casino on Net customer. You are the best on-line.


This is my favorite casino. I won 3500 dollars once just from a hundred bucks. Simple interface and easy to see and play games makes this the best. I even read the newsletters you send me (and I hate reading newsletters).


God Bless You All!!!!! Several of our Officers play with your casino and I will be sure to advise them all of your generosity. I have requested the five hundred to be paid out and will match it with five hundred of my own. These thousand dollars will be placed into an interest bearing account for (murdered police officer’s) unborn child. May you and your staff know that when she begins college in 18 years that you have paid her way with this donation. Again may God bless you all and keep you safe. From myself, I am honored to belong to the best casino on the web. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Det. JDC

I have been given great service and quick response time. You have a great staff!!!!


Due to the bonus that you have given me and the fortune that has happened I won a very large jackpot. I will be able to see the Neurosurgeon for my back operation. I didn't think I would be able to see a doctor. But now I can because of your kindness. Bless you all. I will keep you informed as to how things turn out. You have been an angel to me when I needed it most Thank You with all my heart.


Thank you very much for the hasty response. Customer Service like this is few and far between in the UK. I thank you and will be recommending your on line casino to many of my associates Regards and Thanks


I just wanted to let you know, that this is the kind of service I've been talking about. You always get back with me, it never takes forever, and you are all do everything you can to please your customers. There is no casino out there, which can even hold a candle to the service you give. And people actually win money here, and not just piddly little money either. I have won a lot of money playing at your casino. I can't think of even one bad thing to say about your casino, and believe me if there was something bad I would let you know. Y'all are the greatest. And thank you very much, I will keep voting for you as my favorite top site, top graphics, everything, etc... Because you are the best. Thanks again


Thanks for all your help, we finally got everything to work, and we had a blast playing blackjack against each other! You and your staff have been very courteous and helpful. Thanks again!


This is the best casino on the Internet and the people love you!


The representatives are very responsive to my questions and really help me out. They are cordial and always have an answer within 30 minutes. (I do mean it). I do make a living gambling. I win and lose aggressively. I play like it is my passion.


Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for their support and sense of caring. You are a class act. Your response to users needs as well as your compassion is second to none. I just had to let you know how I felt regarding your professionalism.


You know you really should not have to ask your players if they like the newsletter or the free play you people provide twice monthly. You probably have the best "return rate" of any casino on line. And are probably the fairest. I have never had a "disagreement" with your casino that I have come out on the bottom of. You really do believe that the client is right and you prove it by your actions and attitude. Yes, you are appreciated. Yes, it is a pleasure to play with Craps Casino. Yes. I like the newsletter and hearing about great (yet unbelievable things) like 400 BJs in one day.
So keep up the good work. Craps Casino is a winner.


I just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday. I wish you and your whole team a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!
After all the time I've been playing I feel like I know you! Merry Christmas!


Thank you for a great year. It has been a lot of fun and joy and excitement. I haven’t had such experience with any other online casino. I have referred you, guys, to so many of my friends. Again, have nice Holidays and enjoy your Christmas and New Year.
Your long time member,


Congratulations, I did some research on casinos on line and was delighted to see that you won the Casino of the Year Award. I knew from the first minute I had dealing with your group, I would have a fine experience. And it has been. If you ever need a testimonial, please use me. You have been more than fair and patient with me. I want to compliment the staff for taking time to answer my questions. The staff is so friendly and professional, I almost feel like we are good friends. Great bunch of people.
Warmest regards


I just think your casino is the most outstanding in terms of graphics, sound and choices and the extremely kind and well-mannered way you handled my hurt feelings today. I will remember your kindness, you can count on that. A little thing like you did this evening was a random act of kindness and it will come back to you.